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 Ranger's Life

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PostSubject: Ranger's Life   Sun Jul 20, 2008 10:44 am

Well, I was born on May 13th 1983 in a Virginia, USA. I can not remember much of my childhood, but I was raised three years in Maryland before we moved to a town in New Hampshire (which is where I lived until I graduated high school).

In March of 1997, at age the age of thirteen, I was diagnosed with diabetes... which is no big deal for me, except for the fact it means I can not enlist in the military (which is what I had been wanting to do since the age of 7). That same year, I became a sports fan (I never took interest in sports until that year) after watching a race on TV and fell in love with that sport. Two years later, I went to a hockey game, and fell in love with that sport to (though it took time for that to grow on me as I did not understand how the league's system worked).

In 2002, I graduated high school, moved to Maine, and started college... three semesters later, I was kicked out (don't ask why). This same year, I began speaking with people over the internet and started to gain interest in other countries (which is something I still enjoy doing today).

Anyways, I'll leave it at that and continue writing my life story tomorrow.

Nice to meet you, run for your life
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Ranger's Life
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