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 The Brave kitten Zorro Tells Off An Eagle..

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PostSubject: The Brave kitten Zorro Tells Off An Eagle..   Mon Feb 04, 2008 5:04 pm

A good day to you (bows to the Lady) My elder brother looked out of his window last day to see one of the three kittens my mother and step-father have been taming, eating one of the squirrels he shot (the cat is all Persian marked with a black mask hence he is called Zorro)
A large Eagle Swooped down next to the nine month old male kitten and put one of its claws on the squirrel. Zorro started leaning against the bird obviously annoyed, then started swatting the birds wing at its elbow joint(without claws extended mind you). My brother couldn't believe this sight and got his camera to film this event, when he opened his window both the Eagle and Zorro took off in different directions.. My brother promptly came over and told this story at my Mothers Laughing saying he had never seen such a stupid cat.. and as he was laughing about it... (i commented that he did not hear what Zorro was calling the Eagle... grin
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The Brave kitten Zorro Tells Off An Eagle..
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