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 If Middle Earth had sport teams

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PostSubject: If Middle Earth had sport teams   Mon Feb 23, 2009 12:41 am

which teams would you think be the powerhouses for each sport

teams would of course be:

Rivendell (Elves)
Rohan (Humans)
Gondor (Humans)
The Shire (Hobbits)
Isengard (Orcs)
Mordor (Orcs)
Lothlorien (Elves)
Moria (Dwarfs)

and the sports would be:

Ice Hockey
American Football
Football (Soccer)

I'll make seperate threads to discuss each sport

Nice to meet you, run for your life
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Linn Scarlett

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PostSubject: Re: If Middle Earth had sport teams   Thu Jun 25, 2009 9:05 pm

Rivendell would be Hockey because, well I know only hockey preps here and if any sub-urban group would be Elves it would be them. It goes with the whole general better-than-thou demeanor, flowery aftershave and high gay-factor. Not to mention the fancy clothes!

Rohan and Gondor would both be playing soccer of course, like true human men they like running after a ball only to kick it away Wink

The Shire hobbits would have a rugby team because, well, why not? It would be cute! Yea, so much for a real reason.

Isengard would be hockeying against the Elves, obviously!

Mordor would be into Baseball against possibly Gondor, who would probably have a team of every sport. I mean, come one. They're humans, sports is what we do when we aren't fighting or saving damsels in distress.

The dwarfs would also have a rugby team. Because, well, it fits! And with a hobbit rugby team there would be no issues of length advantage :p
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If Middle Earth had sport teams
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